Find The Coat That Suits You the Most in 5 Steps

5 Steps to Find The Coat That Perfectly Suits You

What does it take to find a cool style within seconds? A trench coat full of character.But it becomes hard to choose when there are so many great selections in a collection. While some of them wink at parisian women with maxi lengths, others wave at the athletes who will choose comfort over everything else. Come to Lassiva’s Collection if you want to find the trench coat that is right for you with these 5 steps. 

Step 1: If You’re Looking for Practical and Cool, Then Try Maxi Length!

Timeless and beautiful trench coats, with their maxi lengths, are the best choice for women who like the parisian style. These pieces dominate the street fashion scene with their ability to up the game of any outfit with just a single piece. Our models are shaped with the most classic form, showing the body in neither an oversize nor tight form. On Saturdays, you can bring out these coat’s style with a pair of stilettos. On Sundays, you can pair it with a sweater, jeans, and a pair of sneakers to play it cool for the week. We've got your weekend fits covered!These trench coats are perfect for showing your character with modesty while keeping you warm.

Step 2: For Those Who Feel Better with Darker Colors, The Black Coats

Of the closet must-haves, our black trench coat is always at the top of the list. This piece is an essential for women with a modest, chic taste. If you are one of those women, you’ll unquestionably feel comfortable and stylish in our black trench coat. Our black outerwear pieces provide minimalistic style that pairs with almost anything in your collection. You can prove how magnificent black looks by choosing our cotton textured pieces for daily wear, our leather pieces for bolder looks, our suede coat for more bohemian looks, and our rain jackets for the weekends. 

Step 3: Trench Coats for Bohemian Lovers

There are a lot of styles for bohemian-souled women who are excited about the coming of the fall season. With this season’s tones of burnt henna, beige, cinnamon, camel and tobacco brown colors, you’ll find a haven for those who want to blend in with nature. With their oversized looks, our trench coats, with maxi and mid lengths, will become an essential for our free souled bohemian shoppers. 

Step 4: For Those of You Who Can’t Let Go of a Casual Look

For women who can’t stand wearing heels for more than an hour and always choose comfort, our rain trench coats are the perfect fit for you. This season we have tons of trench coats with zipped designs, hooded details, wrinkled waists, snap details, big pockets, and bomber jackets. Their fabric is prepared to take on the sudden rains that the fall season tends to surprise us with. This rain trench coat is the perfect fit for athletes and women looking for style and substance, and that’s exactly why they should add rain coats from our fall collection to their closet. 

Step 5: Mid Sizes for Petite Women

Shorter, and petite women should go for our mid height trench coats for everyday life. You are free to play the style game with our designs that end just above the knee. Also, if you generally wear skirts or dresses, you can go for even shorter coat styles that go right below the hips. 

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