3 Different You’s with 3 Different Fall Outfits! 

Are you ready for a closet update after the sunny days of summer? With the world of fashion saying hello to the new season despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we are going to see timeless trends and innovative styles this season. We are putting the more lively colors back in the closet and saying hello to the pastel nudes and grays for this fall and winter. Whether you're getting used to living in a busy city, excited to get back to school, or just looking to dive into some timeless fall styles, we have what you need at Lassiva's Collection.

So what look will you go for this fall season? 


Cool and Dynamic?

If you want to look casual, energetic, and comfortable, you can combine these great pieces we picked out with you in mind. You can decide on an oversized sweatshirt or any of our modest two piece sets to fit the look. Combined with sneakers, a light bag, and that cool girl vibe we know you’ve got, you’ll create the perfect persona. 


Or Timeless Trench Coats?

How about enriching any top and bottom outfit with our trench coats, a necessity of a brisk fall season? You can have as much freedom with these trench coats’ colors as you wish. These timeless babes are meant to be saviors in colder weather, but they can be styled for the lighter brisk fall season as well. We’re especially loving these camel tones.


Or The City Life Look?

If you’re looking for a sharp, chic look, we suggest that you combine gray and black together. Checkered and gray cachet coats are your closet staples for this style. Another timeless combo ready for you to bring to life… You can browse our web page to discover more fashionable fall looks. 

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