Fall/Winter 2020 Essential Modest Two-Piece Sets 

Let’s paint a picture for you: you woke up tired. You have to get to class. You don’t have time to pick an outfit, but you want to be comfortable without looking like you just rolled out of bed. Have you ever been in this dilemma? Well, Lassiva Collection knows just what you need: our two piece sets! You don’t even need to worry about it matching. We already took care of that for you. Our modest two-piece sets are everything you've ever dreamed of. These sets are exactly what you need for effortless, modest everyday clothing


Now, let’s paint another scenario for you. You’re going to work, but you don’t know what to wear that will be both comfortable and presentable. ry one of Lassiva Collection’s more modest business-casual two-piece sets!

Are you going to meet your friends for a date at the movies? Are you looking for a fit that looks cute, but doesn’t over do it? Well, our lady-like, modest two-piece sets are the way to go!

Do you want to go on a walk for some fresh air?Maybe go to a cafe to grab a coffee and get some work done? We have just the modest two-piece sets for you! Our designs are  comfortable and stylish- the perfect combo for a day at the cafe. 


So what if you like the design, but you’re not too sure about the color? Well, Lassiva’s Collection likes to give you options. Don’t worry, we definitely have at least one color that you will like. Combining colors of the fall/winter season, we offer our modest two-piece sets in black, army green, rust, and beige. Ah, just think of all the possibilities. 


Our modest two-piece sets are your everyday essentials. Especially when you are short on time because of a busy schedule, or when you’re just too exhausted to put an outfit together. We know the struggle. We’ve been there too. So we’ve got you covered. Modestly. 


Lassiva Collection

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