Our Story

Lassiva Collection was initially launched as a need to create modest clothing because of limited options within the fashion industry. We wanted women to stop spending hours looking for something that was simply not available and sacrificing their unique fashion sense because they couldn't find modest-enough clothing that represented their individuality. While we were quickly noticed by the modest community, we realized that our brand was also gaining popularity not just within the modest community, but other women were also enjoying our designs, creativity and quality. We were thrilled that women all over the world with different cultural and religious backgrounds are appreciating our collections. As our diverse community began to grow, we realized that modesty didn’t have to be exclusive. In fact our new motto quickly became “modesty for all!” Lassiva Collection is a brand that doesn’t divide between the modest community and everyone else, our brand is all inclusive while still keeping our designs modern and modest! Our collections are always created with inclusivity and diversity in mind! We want to enhance every woman’s personal style and character no matter where they are from by offering modesty, elegance and high quality. Every piece is carefully designed to become a forever favorite, created to be versatile in style and occasion, without compromising quality. It is made to match up with every modern woman. The brand represents innovation, excitement, and a new standard for modest, fashion-forward clothing. It is aimed to encourage women to feel empowered and confident in what they wear. - a NEW ERA of modest clothing! Created with Passion United by Fashion Modesty for All