Our Story

Have you ever felt like you had to sacrifice your style and your unique self because you couldn't find the right, modest-enough clothing that represented your individuality? Has the fashion world you thought you loved began to seem limited and secluded? Even if you found a match, was it ultimately compromised on some level, whether in quality, affordability, or style? If you answered yes to any of these, you found the right place.


Lassiva Collection launched as a need to create modest clothing that enhances every woman’s personal style and personality, while still offering high quality and affordability. Based in New York, it was founded by strong and inspiring leaders with over 20 years of combined experience who joined their forces, skills, and knowledge in the industry to make sure that no woman ever felt left out and unable to represent herself and her individuality due to limited options.


Every piece is carefully designed to become a forever favorite, created to be versatile in style and occasion, without compromising quality. It is made to match up with every modern and modest woman. The brand represents innovation, excitement and a new standard for modest, fashion-forward clothing. It is aimed to encourage women to feel empowered and confident in what they wear. In New York where dreams become a reality, the Lassiva Collection journey is just beginning! Lassiva Collection - a NEW ERA of modest clothing!